The last few weeks before the big day are often the most stressful, and you don’t want to be exhausted when your wedding day rolls around! Why not let us take care of the last-minute logistics while you spend a weekend relaxing at the cottage with the boys or out dancing with the girls?

This package includes:

a 1-hour meeting to sign the contract

submission of a detailed task schedule

submission of a coordination document to you 5 weeks before the wedding

a phone call or meeting with you 4 weeks before the wedding to fill out the coordination document

detailed timeline of the venue set-up and the wedding day

a visit to the venue 2 weeks before the wedding

review of all the contracts and invoices from the chosen suppliers

management of guests’ special requests regarding possible surprises for the wedding couple

a list of contact persons

follow-up with suppliers 1 week before the wedding to reconfirm the timeline and last-minute details

presence of a senior planner on site for the wedding rehearsal

presence of a senior planner on site on the wedding day for a minimum of 12 hours/maximum of 16 hours (set-up, ceremony and reception)

presence of an assistant coordinator on site on the wedding day (the amount of time depends on the size of the event)

remittance of payment to the suppliers

management of unforeseen events on the day of the wedding.